* MODERN SLEEK DESIGN & HIGH QUALITY PARTS- With classic black&white design, chrome-plated knobs and high-quality components, our bidet attachment will increase the function and beauty of your bathroom.
* THE FEEL OF WARM WATER - bidet for toilet features adjustable water temperature. Keep warm during the cold winter months or cool off when the weather heats up. The bidet connects directly to your sinks hot water supply and mixes with cold water to deliver your level of warm water enjoyment.
* DUAL NOZZLE & SELF-CLEANING MODE- Equipped with dual nozzles for front and rear wash. The front nozzle, or feminine wash nozzle, is a gentler wash than the back nozzle. The nozzle cleaning feature cleans the nozzle thoroughly after each use. Clear rear bidet retracts when not in use and guard gate protect nozzles from debris.
* ECO-FRIENDLY & SAVE YOUR MONEY- This bidet toilet seat attachment cuts your toilet paper usage by 80% and spares many trees.
Cleaning with our toilet seat bidet is gentle on your skin and sustainable for the planet.
* EASY TO INSTALL& CONVENIENT TO USE – bidet toilet attachment is easily attaches to and detaches from two-piece toilet in minutes without plumbers. Turn the chrome-plated control knobs to choose different functions and water temperature per your requirements.

Limited Edition Bidet Attachment

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